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Pro is for commercial pilots who want to fly and create an unlimited numbers of maps. Even compared to a manned aircraft, it can be argued that a drone is still a faster and leaner data collection tool. It does not require a lot of time for clearance or refueling and can be deployed right outside the survey area. A few years ago, LiDAR was considered to be superior to photogrammetry when it came to accuracy. We have better cameras now, so the gap in accuracy between the two is no longer as relevant. The drone pilot can also influence the accuracy of a survey through the use of GCPs , or via using a drone with RTK or PPK capabilities.

  • For those who are willing to spend to expand the capabilities of PrecisionMapper, algorithms can be added as separate modules.
  • These key benefits are expected to fuel the market demand for the open-source segment in the global mapping market.
  • First founded over a decade ago, AgiSoft is one of the most established companies in the drone mapping space.
  • It is effective for the detection of small objects like power lines during mapping.
  • Since the release of the software in early 2017, it has experienced huge growth because of the work a community of code contributors.

The higher the resolution and quality of these images, the more data points the 3D mapping software has to work with, and the greater the probability of matching common points on the model. Built for ArcGIS Drone2Map users, Site Scan Flight for ArcGIS Limited Edition allows you to easily capture rich imagery using advanced drone flights. Process large volumes of drone imagery faster with cloud-based data processing.

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After the completed flight, create a project to download your drone imagery. Add ground control and automatically process to create 2D and 3D outputs. Transportation agencies can use drone mapping to collect right-of-way surveys, map and manage assets, and inspect infrastructure. ArcGIS is used by thousands of organizations across sectors and industries for drone mapping and more.

What is drone mapping softwar

The mining industry has become one of the top customers of drone mapping professionals in the last decade. It helps companies plan the construction of access roads and how much material they will need to excavate. They can also identify possible geologic hazards that need to be addressed. The upside of photogrammetry is that it does not require any fancy devices outside of the usual camera drone. With the quality of camera drones that have been released in recent years, photogrammetry has become the go-to method for most drone pilots. In terms of capital involved, it is much easier to start a commercial business based on photogrammetry-based drone mapping.


Once a survey is done, there should be no need to go back to the field as all the data is easily accessible. Drone mapping technology can even be useful during or after a construction job. It is now common to generate 3D models of a building as it is constructed as a means to monitor and document progress.

We’ve made it easy to integrate into your current workflow to get you up and running without friction. Understanding the specific drone analytics are the first steps to getting the job site answers you need for bidding, staying on schedule, speeding up cash flow, etc. Or perhaps you have some inventory of construction materials sitting on your site you need to sell. Change detection technology is a very digestible way to see what your site looks like on a daily basis without actually having to be there. You’ll understand where excavation processes occurred, where dirt was moved, etc.

The interface of DroneDeploy is sleek and user-friendly, allowing even beginner drone pilots to execute mapping projects without a hitch. Photogrammetry drone mapping involves the recreation of survey areas by capturing high-resolution photographs. The images captured are then processed and stitched together with sophisticated software that creates geo-referenced, realistic, and measurable 3D models and 2D maps. Use any modern drone to capture high-resolution imagery where and when you need it for your GIS drone mapping workflow.

DroneDeploy can also help your efforts from the start to the end of your drone mapping journey. It can help you manage flights, process information, provide analysis, and more. They also have a strong customer support system to ensure you can always get your questions answered. Drone mapping software has observed an increased adoption backed by the surging penetration of the IoT and the Industrial Internet of Things technology.

Take a look at this detailed cost comparison of WebODM vs PIX4D vs Agisoft vs DroneDeploy. DroneDeploy enables you to create high-quality and survey-grade datasets. You can create all the drone software development standard datasets (orthomosaics, point clouds, elevation models, thermal maps, etc.). Its compatibility with the FLIR camera systems helps operators generate radiometric thermal maps.

This 3D modeling and mapping software is available both for single users as a mobile app and enterprise clients who have any number of users. The world of drone mapping is big and potentially intimidating, but also full of opportunity for the commercial drone pilot. We hope this beginner’s https://globalcloudteam.com/ guide helps you get a good start in the world of drone mapping, and launches you on a path toward developing a lucrative skill set that will serve you for years to come. Being open source, those who know what they are doing can download the API and create further functionality.

What is drone mapping softwar

As Drone2Map is a desktop app, you can download Drone2Map on your machine and process images immediately after a flight instead of waiting for an internet connection. After returning to the office, you can generate high-quality imagery products to use in your GIS or publish to share with others. Utilities use drone-captured imagery to inspect and manage assets, perform construction surveys, and guide predictive maintenance. Work offline in a desktop environment or process large batches of imagery in the cloud.

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Photogrammetry software receives overlapping images as data inputs and combines them to output digital 2D or 3D models, point clouds and more. Drones can make volumetric measurements of stockpiles and aggregates more accurately than other ground-based methods. They can also be used for safety and progress monitoring over the course of a mining operation. Modern survey equipment is accurate enough to help geologists identify geologic features such as rivers, domes, faults, and fault scarps.

What is drone mapping softwar

If this doesn’t sound like something you can manage, then this particular software platform might not be for you. For those who are willing to spend to expand the capabilities of PrecisionMapper, algorithms can be added as separate modules. These can include the capability to create orthomosaics or to process data to deduce the degree of canopy cover, water pooling, or tree crown delineation. This process can be automated with DroneDeploy, but you’ll manually want to collect Oblique images as well. You purchased a drone because of its amazing ability to capture beautiful photos and video from angles you’d never before seen. If you’ve had the chance to do some research, you’ve probably realized that drones can do much more than simply taking pretty pictures.


Drone pilots primarily use cameras to visually inspect equipment, but photogrammetry can also assist in inspection. On a small scale, drones can help create a detailed map of a roof, and RGB and IR sensors can help to detect areas with leaks or poor insulation coverage. On a bigger scale, for example, the energy industry can use aerial maps to inspect solar farms, spotting problem spots in the solar panels with the aid of infrared imagery. Raptor Maps or DroneMapper are good software options to consider for inspection work—skip ahead to the software section to check them out. No matter what camera, scanner, or drone is being used, this software will be able to help you out. The interface is incredibly user-friendly, which makes taking advantage of all the features offered much easier.

What is drone mapping softwar

Their software not only does photogrammetry but also 3D modeling, panorama stitching, and support for fisheye lenses. Using the professional version of their software you can make point clouds, digital elevation models, take measurements, and process RGB, NIR, thermal, and multi-spectral imagery. Agisoft is great for professionals who need an all in one package for photogrammetry and 3D modeling—architects, GIS professionals, Civil Engineers, and media professionals take note.

To have a clearer understanding and use of drones in land survey and mapping, you will have to use drone mapping software. Drone mapping can be used for construction, mining, real estate, agriculture, and forestry activities. The software you use for drone mapping is almost equally as important as your drone and other mapping equipment. Ideally, the software you choose should provide end-to-end solutions. This means that it can be used for planning the surveys, data management, data processing, and publishing of the processed data.

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Precision Hawkoffers Precision Mapper, which is a solution for drone mapping. The North Carolina-based company, founded in 2010, is a major player in the UAV industry—especially in the realm of agriculture. Their mapping solution can produce orthomosaics and 3D models, and includes extensive tools for crop health analysis and volumetric measurement. Their job is to take precise measurements on pieces of land in order to determine boundaries. The data they collect assist in the creation of maps, plots, and legal documentation.

With an uptick in disaster response, drones aid in effectively responding to regions faster to help those with urgent needs. With drone data, they can efficiently distribute much needed resources in a timely manner. Can you imagine being stuck in a house with no access to your life saving medication? One day, drones will map the environment and navigate through obstacles so the medication can be rapidly delivered to the ill person. Check out this detailed report on how drones are already being used to cut costs in the mining industry.


Ranchers love drone and NDVI maps because they can showcase overall plant health and help determine the best places for soil analysis. It was not all that long ago that the only way to get an orthomosaic of a large property with high accuracy was to fly in a cessna or helicopter! With the rapid advancement in drone technology, as well as the decreased cost of high accuracy RTK GPS, the cost and time to obtain these same orthomosaics has, likewise, decreased significantly. A Python SDK for adding aerial image processing capabilities to applications. We’re building sustainable solutions for collecting, processing, analyzing and displaying aerial data while supporting the communities built around them. Read this case studyon how aerial maps were used to help a mining company in Canada evaluate the lifespan of mining waste in order to develop a plan for expanding the sites where they stored waste.

If you wish to capture aerial images manually, you can still make a great 3D model. Enable Structures Mode when planning your flight in DroneDeploy.Using Structures mode is easy. In the app’s flight plan settings, enable “Structures Mode” with a flip of the toggle. This allows you to automatically capture predefined photos of a structure located at the center of your map. It’s designed to automatically collect the lowest number of images required to make a good model. Fearghus Foyle of Aerial Eye made an accurate 3D model of an Irish castle by capturing three sets of oblique images taken at various heights and angles.

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More data output visualization options as well as improved collaboration through more annotation options and faster download wizard to share exports. Streamlined navigation and faster, more robust data visualization including data compare slider tool that allows the analysis of two different data sets at a time. The market is primarily segmented on the basis of type, application, end-use, and region. Considering you have the hardware specifications to run WebODM, the software can be downloaded for free from ODM’s Github repository.

This insight you have into activity having a drone solution on the job site helps you stay on schedule during the span of the project. Free is for anyone looking for a cost-effective, simple, and automated solution to managing basic drone operations. Give everyone on your team instant visibility into the status and progress of a worksite. Propeller centralizes your project documentation to boost collaboration and give surveyors, engineers, foremen, and site managers the confidence to work safer and smarter. We’re excited to share that Quantum-Systems’ Trinity F90+ drone is now compatible with the Propeller Platform and PPK workflow.

Not everyone can afford to purchase expensive drone mapping software, so below is a list of some of the best free drone mapping software you can get. ESRI SiteScan is an industry-leading end-to-end, cloud-based drone mapping platform, recommended for 3D outputs and offering seamless access to ArcGIS for advanced analytic and hosting services. Aerial data collected with the WingtraOne drone is compatible with major post-processing tools.

With multiple purchase options, it’s able to serve a wide audience of users. The only negative aspect of using a cloud based service like this is the inability to control many settings that can increase the output quality of the deliverables. Mining and quarry companies will find they may be able to save more money than other industries by integrating drone mapping technology into their routine. They can audit stockpiles in record time, monitor water drainage, erosion detection, and pit management.

Do you use another software for drone mapping that you feel should have been mentioned? There are several benefits to drone usage for the above applications, as they are widely adopted to assist in mapping and surveying. Moreover, Asia-Pacific held a high CAGR in the global market in 2020. Moreover, the government initiatives for promoting and advanced technologies in the agriculture sector, along with the development of automated drones, are some other factors leading to the region's growth.

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